Fun Times With the Silver Surfer Vaporizer – A Review


I’m a big fan of vaping. I prefer this method because it is much healthier and is a more efficient way of using your plant matter. I have tried all of the big time vapes on the market and this review should show you exactly why I think the Silver Surfer offers the best bang for your buck.

When it comes to high end vaporizers this particular model is quite a bit cheaper than most and I believe offers superior quality and definitely has more options when it comes to choosing colors and styles.


Reasons Why Silver Surfer Stands Above the Pack

  • Eight different color options for all discerning tastes.
  • Glass on glass parts and components.
  • A proven analog temperature dial than in my experience has been the easiest to use and most effective of any model currently on the market.
  • The inverted heating element is super easy to use and highly efficient.
  • It has a top quality ceramic heating element which is designed for years of maintenance free use.
  • This bad boy comes with a handy carrying case which allows you to easily take the party on the road with you. It’s great for festivals and other outdoor events.

Every model features a variety of options in colors and style. The Silver Surfer also features a hand blown glass temperature dial which looks real slick. The heater covers and wands are also hand blown by experts in Colorado Springs making this desktop vaporizer one heck of a bargain.

There are three different kinds of wand and heater cover styles available. The first is standard glass, which allows the user more control in terms of choosing where the hot air passes through your smoking matter. There is no need to stir with this option.

There is also a spherical ground glass option which allows for a perfect ground glass seal, meaning you have the ability to angle the wand in a variety of directions providing for a very thorough vaporization with no need to stir the smoking blend.

The one I prefer however is the ground glass option, which allows for hands free vaping. There is no need to hold the wand to the heater cover as this particular wand fits perfectly into heater cover for a quality seal.

So basically, you just set the desired temperature and wait for the model to warm up our which generally takes around five minutes. You then load a finely ground smoking blend or plant matter into the glass wand and simply connect it to the glass heater cover. Then just begin to draw on the vaporizer at a medium to fast pace for best results. Easy as 1-2-3, simple as do re mi.

As with any quality product made of durable parts built to last, you need to be wary of imitators. There are a plethora of sites on the Internet and dealers in your hometown who offer what they call the Silver Surfer but these are shoddy imitations that won’t last and certainly won’t offer the same degree of quality. This is why it is the utmost importance that if you’re going to make this investment you need to shop from a reputable source like This company has a proven record of delivering high quality goods to your door both safely and discreetly.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
Reviewing the desktop Silver Surfer Vaporizer.
Silver Surfer Vaporizer
Written by: Stoner Critic
Date Published: 01/11/2015
The reasons why we love the Silver Surfer Vaporizer are vast. Find out what makes this desktop vape so fun.
4.7 / 5 stars
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