Pax by Ploom Portable Vaporizer Review

A recent Pax vaporizer review done by our in-house vape expert, The Stoner Critic. Read why the Pax is rated as the best portable vape on the market.

The Best Portable Vape in the World

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Vaporizers are clearly the wave of the future for smoking enthusiasts. Our Pax vaporizer review is set out to show just why that is true. First, with the cleaner and better hits, the health reasons alone are enough to switch to a vaporizer. Choosing the right vaporizer for your needs can be daunting as there are plenty on the market.

This review will help you figure out what to look for in a vaporizer as well as which model is best suited to you. Vaporizers not only offer a cleaner and healthier smoking experience, they also burn the plant matter more efficiently. The Pax by Ploom Portable Vaporizer is the best place to start as this model seems to be the choice for most vaporizing enthusiasts. The Pax has been far superior to other models in my experience.

How to Load the Pax

pax-by-ploomUsing any vaporizer is a different it kind of experience and will require a bit of a learning curve for any new users. For starters, with the Pax and other high end vaporizers you will need to properly grind your weed to burn efficiently. After grinding the weed you load just enough into the fire pit or oven to cover the screen. You can load more but over loadin
g will lessen the experience and inefficiently burn your marijuana.

Take a 20mm steel or brass screen and bend it to a shape that will fit into the Pax oven. The screen should cover all of the plant matter. You then need to choose a setting (most folks tend towards to medium setting). It is then just a short wait until the Pax light turns green and you are ready to partake in a smoking session.

Cleaning Your Pax

  • Cleaning your Pax regularly is essential for enjoying the best possible results.
  • You’re going to need rubbing alcohol, two q-tips, an inter-dental brush (available at any drug store), the straw off a WD-40 can, a pipe cleaner and a packet of the mouthpiece lubricant.
  • Start with cleaning the mouthpiece connections. Turn on the device which causes the mouthpiece to pop out. Take your tiny interdental brush and apply just a bit of rubbing alcohol onto it, dab excess off with a paper towel. Clean in and around the tubing in order to remove the residue that has built up around the connections. You can then use the pipe cleaner (with a dab of alcohol) to get in and around the actual mouthpiece.
  • Pull off the oven cover and dip a pipe cleaner in the alcohol. Then floss from the mouthpiece down to the oven, much like you would on a regular smoking utensil. This will also pop out the screen.
  • Sometimes the pipe cleaner doesn’t provide enough force to pop out the screen and that is where the tiny plastic straw can come in real handy.
  • From here on out is just simply a matter of working with a q-tip and a pipe cleaner to scrub what you can see clean. There shouldn’t be a whole lot of residue so it this task can be accomplished in a short time. Then you lubricate the mouthpiece and that is all.

Pax Compared to Other Portable Vaporizers

One perk to the makeup of the Pax is that every moveable part will lock. This allows for a much greater deal of control and less chance of a stupid break. The mouthpiece comes out on a nail hinge type set up and will easily lock into place making for an easier and more enjoyable smoke session. This also makes for easy cleaning.

In a nod to being respectful to the environment the Pax by Ploom portable vaporizer does not use disposable batteries, but rather uses a charging system. On average, if the Pax battery is at 0% then it takes around an hour to fully charge. That will last the average user (2-3 times a day) a bit over a week.pax-ploom

Most of the other brands I tried, including Magic Flight Launch, Firefly, Palm 2.0, Puffit, Iolite, VAPIR NO2, Ascent and Arizer Solo, had a much shorter batter life. The charging time was also markedly longer. The Pax also offers a far superior hit to its competitors.

The Pax also has three burn modes: low (yellow), medium (orange) and high (red). You will want to burn off the Pax before first using by running the device on high while empty for five to ten minutes. The Pax is unique in that it also offers a party mode which allows the user to forego having the device automatically shut off.

The Pax by Ploom portable vaporizer is easily the best vaporizer on the market. When you look at the ease of cleaning, the quick charge and long battery life and the overall hit nothing else really comes close. The time to switch to a healthier vaporized smoke is now and the Pax is the way to go.
With the affordable price and sleek look of the Pax nothing else comes close in overall user satisfaction. There is no need to wait to improve your overall smoking experience, like Mama always said “if a job is worth doing than it is worth doing well.” Happy vaping, my good friends.

Review Recap

  • It’s Portable! – Take it with you everywhere.
  • Easy to use and clean! – No nasty messes with the Pax vape.
  • Sleek Appearance! – Make your friends envious.
  • Quick Charge Time! – No more waiting hours to get stoned.

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Pax by Ploom Vaporizer
The Pax Vaporizer is sleek and works like a charm. Read the full review here.
Pax Vaporizer
Written by: Stoner Critic
Date Published: 12/17/2014
The best dry herb vaporizer on the market by far. It operates as smooth as it looks.
5 / 5 stars

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