Smoke Weed Every Day – Real Benefits of Smoking Weed

We have all heard repeatedly about the dangers and risks associated with smoking herbs, but what I want to talk about today, ladies and gentlemen, is the world of benefits that become yours for the taking when you puff the Ganj. Magic carpet rides in your mind and all sorts of fireworks of the brain and musical jam revelations . . . . . Follow me folks. Just follow me, m’kay.

The plethora of health benefits that come from smoking weed are well documented, straight certifiable and beyond proven. That is Science folks, straight science. Some of the many health benefits are listed below:

  • Marijuana can be helpful for insomnia. I can speak to this personally, having suffered from severe insomnia and finding doobs around the age of 15 or so, I began sleeping through the night.
  • Smoking the green wrangler can be very helpful for people going through chemotherapy. The effects of smoking marijuana often ease nausea which many chemo patients go through. An added bonus is that unlike pills, smoke cannot be vomited up and just keeps on working. Pretty sweet, right?
  • Many of the world’s most creative people have smoked the dank. Puffed the sugar daddy hooch-momma a time or two. It’s either that or Heroin, am I right or am I right? Where do we start and where do we end? Bob Dylan, John Coltrane, Jerry Garcia (this has been disputed in the mainstream media and other unreliable sources), some say Bob Marley took the weird from time to time . . . . .
  • Individuals suffering from Glaucoma have reported an easing of the many associated symptoms. That’s dope. It straight up eases their eye hurt. Word.
  • Smoking weed is good for your teeth.
  • For certain severe anxiety sufferers, particular strains of Marijuana have proven to be helpful. I went through a hot minute dealing with some strong anxiety issues. I had anxiety dreams that would wake me up in the early dawn with my heart just racing. I found that different types of weed were good for anxiety and others were not. For me it was the Indica varieties that helped ease the brain strain and the Sativas that magnified the anxiety and made me feel off in public. While many folks would agree with that sentiment, I have read accounts of the exact opposite. You have to see what works for you.
  • That business chills you out, it helps with relaxation and is good for mental health in some individuals.
  • The pot can also be good for helping folks with health issues that make them lose weight by increasing their appetite dramatically. The munchies are a blessing and a curse. I’m kind of fat now.

Why You Should Smoke Weed Everyday (or Maybe Shouldn’t)

As far as insomnia goes, smoking weed from time to time doesn’t really help much. I have to smoke regularly, sometimes not even every day but regularly. I also enjoy puffing the digz-digz on the constant because I enjoy the way at the end of a long and frustrating day; it can help me slow my mind down.

To kind of slow down or sometimes even shut off all those thoughts of an overactive mind. I read in Willie Nelson’s biography that’s why enjoys it as well. I always did love that old cowboy. It also helps me find faces in the ceiling and come up with devilishly clever bathroom stall graffiti.

I once met a guy, we were cleaning up dorm rooms at my old college in Olympia, it was one of those work a ton of hours for like 3 weeks and then be set kind of deals. Long ass days. Sweaty, dirty bathtub scrubbing days. A bunch of us would duck off into the woods, enjoy our lunches and smoke a boatload of ganj. Good stuff too. This one gentlemen, hell of a fiddle player, never partook in the smoke and he said it was because it made him not remember his dreams. He felt remembering his dreams was too big of a tool in life to not have. I have noticed the same thing when I have not partaken in days; my dreams are absolutely vivid and easily remembered.

Are There Effects Associated With Smoking Weed? Yes.

For starters, you’ll be super cool and fun to be around. People will enjoy your company because you don’t have a paint stick stuck where the Sun don’t shine. People will straight up like you. That’s a scientific fact. But no seriously there are effects associated with smoking weed that I have experienced first hand.

  • Short term memory loss is a pretty well documented side effect of sucking weed daily. I have experienced this in my life for sure.
  • My creativity has vastly improved as writer. I think mainly because I am able to shut down all those other thoughts and hyper focus on what I am doing and what I want to accomplish.
  • I have found that puffing the cheeba is great for getting my mind to wander when I want it to. When I want to go off on brain train rides trying to figure out the best w ay to present a character or relay an interesting anecdote. Trying to get my create on!
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